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Accounting Services !

We have One Decade of experience in accounting so we know what problems comes in account and statutory compliance and how can we solved in better manner. So from our experience we try to help of our client to provide all type of accounting help. We design system, what document /books to be required for better control and minimize time . Our accounting services are:-

Setup Accounting System !!

At first we help to setup accounting system, what Register /software is required for maintaining day to day transaction, Invoice , challan, voucher, books, related documents, what files are required for maintaining daily bills cash memo, statements etc.

Personal Accounting !!

We found many individual who do not know how they should handle their account they do not maintain any accounts , Profit & Loss account and personal Balance Sheet. A Balance sheet shows totally financial position of any person which shows how much capital they have and where they have invested and what is balance on ending of every financial year. We are very expert to maintain personal accounts, which record should be maintain , After compete accounting we prepare Balance sheet and file Income Tax Return.

Part Time Accounting !!

We do accounting of Part Time of Our Clients for their cost Saving and avoid extra burdens of Accounting Charges Our Client also satisfied with part time accounting syatem we also provide of Part Time Accounting Services with best services.

Accounting of firm & Company !!

We do accounting of Proprietorship, partnership firm , Company , Trust, Society and other in Tally and other Software with computerized voucher and Ledgers. We know accounting treatment of VAT, Input & Output, TDS, Service Tax , Refunds, ESI & PF, Payroll Accounting etc.

Supervision !!

We are supervising many clients on daily basis. We are also supervise your accountants so that maximum work can be taken on minimum cost and check you accountant or supporting staff so that we can supervise that they are working timely.

Finalization of Account up to Balance Sheet !!

After complete accounts we prepare profit & Loss Account /Income & Expenditure Account , Balance sheet and help to get audited books of accounts.

bService Tax Registration @ 3000 INR
cTIN Registration @ 7000 INR

EBS provide us accounting services EBS also Registerd our Service Tax No and provides other Tax Services with full Responsibility EBS Handling All Accounting Work Of Our Organization EBS is a Excelent Accounting Service Provider Thanks

EBS is a good accounting service provider with full Accuracy and Timly Work They also Provide Part Time Accounting Service in our Organization in Our Opinion EBS is a good Accounting Service Provider Thanks

EBS is a Perfect accounting service provider They Provide us Part Time Accounting Service in our Company I Think EBS is a good Accounting Service Provider Thanks

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